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Client system: Accounting


Under 'Overview' you can display all your clients "filtered by time periods" (selectable are months and years) and types (either 'all accesses', 'final accesses', 'client' or 'agency client systems').

You get a tabular overview of which access it is (based on ID, client number, last name, company), how much traffic was caused in the selected month and how much traffic was agreed. This makes it easy to identify any overruns.

After clicking on 'Details' of a record you will get a detailed overview page where you can see the general conditions of the access. For example, with access data, the agreed costs and more.

Graduated prices

Graduated prices are agreed only for client and agency client systems. Depending on the number of e-mails sent, you set the fixed price (basic price) and the price per thousand (for overdrafts, per 1000 e-mails).