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Subscribers: Exclusion lists

If the corresponding account authorization is set, then subscribers can be specifically excluded from certain mailings with the help of exclusion lists. This option is in addition to the general blacklist, which excludes subscribers from sending all mailings.

Create one (or more) exclusion lists in the 'Subscribers' -> 'Exclusion lists' menu.

Once the exclusion list is completed, it can be selected on the sending tab of your mailing to exclude the included subscribers from sending this mailing.

Create new exclusion list

By clicking on 'Create' you create an additional exclusion list.

Abonnentenlisten in MAILINGWORK

  • Choose whether to exclude using the email address or another subscriber field.
  • Specify whether the data is in pseudonymized (hashed) form or in plain text.
  • Import the subscriber data to be excluded into the exclusion list or create it manually.

Edit / delete exclusion list

In the 'Actions' column you can find the icons for editing and deleting an exclusion list.

  • Edit: Change the data and values of the exclusion list.
  • Delete: The exclusion list will be deleted including all values previously stored in this list. The confirmation prompt must be confirmed by entering the word 'DELETE'.