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By using the 'Activity export', you are able to export the statistical key figures for openings and clicks of your mailing. Thereby a file in file format csv is created, which you can download easily with one click.

You can export the data by clicking on 'Export activities (CSV file)'. The creation of the file may take a few minutes. You can observe the current progress of the generation in the file list.

From now on, it is also possible to export the data from the non-openers in addition to the data of the openers of your mailing. This way, you receive all successful deliveries of your mailing in one file, for example to answer the question "has the mail been sent to recipient xy".

Once the export is completed, you can download and open it by clicking on the 'download' link, which is now available. The contained data are divided into two areas:

  • The upper table contains a legend. Tis legend specificly maps the link id's, listed in the table below, to the assigned URLs.
  • Beneath you can find a list of all exported subscribers. This list contains all subscriber data as well as details from the openings of your mailings ('openings') and the clicks on the links, listed in the legend ('link_1', 'link_2', 'link_3', ...).

If you no longer need an exported file, you can manually delete it by clicking on the trash icon. If you do not, it will automatically be deleted after 180.