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Here, you have access on the opt-outs made by the subscribers.

By evaluating the opt-out numbers you can draw conclusions on how the subscribers react on your mailings. The overview shows the names of all created subscriber lists, the number of opt-outs per list as well as the option 'Open', 'Export' and 'Import'.

By clicking 'Open' you will get a detailed view of the opt-outs of a certain list. Information like email address or opt-out date are stored here.

It is possible for you to recover the unsubscribed email address or to finally delete it.

'Export' saves the opt-outs in a CSV file, which you can store on your computer. You can make limitations, for example, whether a certain 'Opt-Out Setup' was used during the opt-out process or whether this opt-out took place 'before' or 'after' a certain 'point of time'.

Just like with the blacklist, opt-outs may be imported via a CSV file in MAILINGWORK.