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Transmission - statistic

In the transmission- statistic you see the data collected from MAILINGWORK (Traffic, Total). Also you see, if exist, the numbers of test-sendings, clicks on the subsriber-link and the number of subscribers who have completed the optin-confirmation.

Next to the view 'display months' you also can select  'display e-mails'. So MAILINGWORK outputs the above mentioned figures for each mailing.



After clicking on a month you get to a detailed view und see the traffic and other data mentioned above for each day of the selected month. A click on 'display e-mails' leads to the view of the send mails in this month and their figures.

You get a more detailed level if you select a specific day. Again you get the numbers of traffic, total subscribers, optin-link-clicks and optin-confirmation and the opportunity to display mailing related figures.