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Client system: Sendings

The shipping statistics in the client system are similar to the shipping statistics of an end user (described under 5.5 Sendings or Send statistics).

You will see the data collected by MAILINGWORK on 'Traffic' and 'Total', i.e. the total number of subscribers, over the period of the last 12 months. You will also get the numbers of 'Trial' subscribers (if any), 'Signup Link' clicks and the number of subscribers who also completed the 'Signup Confirmation'.

In addition to the 'Show Months' view, you can also select 'Show Accounts' and get the above numbers for individual accounts.

After clicking on a month, you will get to the detailed view and see traffic and the other data mentioned above for each day of the selected month. Clicking on 'Show accounts' at this point will take you to the view of how traffic and subscriber numbers were distributed among individual mailings.

Another level of detail can be reached by selecting a specific day. Again, you get the details of traffic, total subscribers, signup link clicks and signup confirmations, as well as the option to output account-related numbers.