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Clear Invalid addresses

Invalid addresses are Email addresses in which the syntax is not correct. Examples for invalid addresses are: (missing @)
info@MAILINGWORK. (missing top level domain)

The mailings will not reach these addresses and therefore they should be removed. You should not be correcting such spelling mistakes independently.
It is possible that the contact made this mistake on purpose. You do not have a legal opt-in for the email addresses that are created when correcting independently.

Under the navigation subitem 'Clear Invalid Addresses' you will find a tabular overview of all your subscriber lists, the list's total number of subscribers and the number of the invalid addresses.
By clicking on the 'Check' icon, MAILINGWORK will examine all addresses in the lists. The detected number of invalid addresses will then be shown.

By clicking on the 'Edit' icon, you will access the invalid addresses of the subscriber list.

Now the buttons 'New Check', 'Export' and 'Delete all' are available.
'Delete all' removes the invalid addresses completely. 'Export' creates a CSV file containing the invalid addresses, which you may save on your computer and edit manually.
'New Check' makes another examination of the email addresses and updates the number of invalid addresses if necessary. In the overview, the actions 'Edit' and 'Delete' are available.

While 'Delete' removes the data record, clicking on 'Edit' makes changes possible.