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Create attractive landingpages, which are connected with MAILINGWORK. Your benefit: You can use your subscriber information on those sites. Such a feature isn't realizable with your company-website.

Compile your newsletter more clearly with landingpages. You still have to teaser your articles with a short teaser-text. This should attract your subscriber to click on a link at the end of your teaser-text, which refers him to your landingpage and the full article.

Your benefit: You can personalize your landingpage – in other words: to create dynamic content on basic of a certain subscriber-profile. Raise your e-mail marketing success by addressing your subscribers personally on landing pages or by submitting customized offers.

If you don't have sufficient knowledge of HTML to create your own landingpage, we recommend using a template. The experts of 'MAILINGWORK' would like to produce a template for you, too.

Click 'create new landingpage' and enter a name for your new landingpage. Click 'OK' to save your settings.

Tab Extended Settings

Enter a name and a description of your landingpage here. You also got the possibility to choose a landingpage-template. If a template is selected, tab 'HTML' changes into 'contents'.

Tab Extended Settings

Here you will find the url of your landingpage, e.g. For including into your website or for printing on postcards.

In this case, your landingpage is equal for all your subscribers. If you want to personalize your landingpage use the input assistance for including the dummy-link into your mailing. MAILINGWORK will generate a certain url for each of your subscribers.


Include your html source code here (for your website).

Tab Template

Populate your template. More information here: content creating.