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External Archive

With an external archive you can present your dispatched mailings on your website. Click 'create' to generate a new external archive.

Tab basic settings

Here you can edit the name and description of your archive. With a click on the 'create' button, the potential subscriber for a personalization will be imported directly from your adresspool.
For this you have to chose the relevant subscriberlist and perhaps a targetgroup and a search keyword.

When you take a look to the next point 'Access' , you can see different URLs. Now you have 3 possibilities to export your external archive. Use the first URL to include your archive to an html site. Use the second URL to include your archive in a php array. If you need xml data, you can use the third URL.

Tab Mailings

All mailings, which should be offered in your external archive are residered here. Click 'Import mailing from archive' to import a mailing. You can also assign a mailing to an external archive (to which it should be included later) before dispatching (read more here: Settings).


While creating your external archive, MAILINGWORK generates an html source code in the background, which defines the structure of your external archive. If you want to edit the look of your shown archive, you have to edit the source code, which requires appropiate HTML knowledge.


You can edit the layout (colours, font-family, font-size, ...)  of your external archive separately here (by the help of classes). To refer your style in html, use the following code:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="[CSS-HREF]" />