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Folder administration

Create folders to compile all your contents of certain themes (e.g. christmas mailings) at a central point. So you dont' have to search for something a long time. For this click 'Administration' -> 'Folder administration'

Advantages of our 'folder administration': No matter how much content you have, you can keep track of. For example: Focus all dialog mailings into one folder or summarize a newsletter with corresponding images into one.

Furthermore you can 'edit', 'open', 'move' or 'delete' folders at this point.


Create a new folder

Enter a name and a optional description for your folder. Set those user roles in tab 'user role', who should be able to access the folder.
For more information about user roles move to: 8.2. user roles


New created folders appear below the 'root directory' on the leftend side, are always available and simplify navigating for you.

Furthermore it is possible to expand or close a folder through little plus or minus signs.