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Optin setup

Through 'Setups' and 'Optin Setup' you can create forms, which can be included into your website. So interested parties can login automatically on your website for your subscriberlist(s).

Please note: Requirement for a successfull 'optin setup' is to create an e-mail with type 'dialog mailing' for registration confirmation and welcoming, which got the status 'activated'. Otherwise those mailings will be lacking in the shortlist of mailings which you can choose for your optin setup.

For an esier start MAILINGWORK gots a „Demo optin setup“ for you.

Created optin setups can be 'opend' afterwards for editing, 'moving' to another folder or 'deleting'. If you have moved an optin setup into another folder, click 'open folder' to get into.

Create new Optin setup

Now enter a name and an optional description for your optin setup. Then choose the 'mode' (important). The following modes are supported by 'MAILINGWORK':

Double Opt-in with confirmation e-mail (recommended as the only legally secure login variant): Interested party visits a website with an optin setup form. He enters his data into the form. He gots an e-mail with content like this: „Thank you for your optin. Please confirm the registration confirmation link to complete your registration.“ He clicks the link. Registration is completed. He gots a „welcoming“ e-mail. You can integrate information about your company and a certain design as well.

Double Opt-in: Like described before, but without sending of a „welcoming“ e-mail.

Confirmed Opt-In: Nach Anmeldung auf der Webseite wird sofort eine automatische Begrüßungsnachricht versendet.

Single Opt-in: No e-mails will be send. There just will be a message in your browser, that  registration was successfull.

According to the mode you've choosed, you have to adapt different sub-options.

In Tab 'advanced settings' you can deposit your e-mail address in field 'e-mail forwarding', to be informed about new subscribers.

You can also determine an 'http forwarding'. The registered information will be send up to the entered url. For this 'mailignwork' uses the post-method to deliver the information from client to server. Data format is field [<feldid>]=<feldwert>, list[<listenid>]=<0 oder 1>, id=<abonnentenid>.

In field 'mailing for later delivery' you can determine your last sended newsletter. All new subscribers will receive your last mailing and don't have to wait for another one.
Furthermore you can adjust a 'dublicate treatment'. So you can determine, what happens with e-mail adresses, which are already subscribed. You have to decide between 'no special treatment', 'merge (given information will replace existing information)', 'Replace (throw away all existing information)' and 'Keep (ignore the information given in the optin)'.

To protect your optin-form against abuse, activate the invisible captcha . Captchas are often used to check if petitions are produced by a machine (robot, short: bot) or a real person. Bots are often used abusive to generate masses of subscriptions.
Tab 'subscriberlists': Choose your favorite subscriberlist where all new subscriptions should be listed.

Choose your favorite subscriberfields, which should be filled in in next tab 'Form'. After clicking 'Add subscriberfield' a pop up appears, where you can select and add subscriberfields to your optin-form. Furthermore you can add one or more subscriberlists as option(s) in a ceckbox through the button 'add subscriberlist'. Click 'sort formfields' to edit order of your fields. Click 'test form' to check your form by a preview of your optin-form.
The HTML source code for your website is genereated by clicking the button 'formular source code'. A pop up appears with your code.

Next tab: 'Dialog pages':


Short example:
A subscriber will be redirected after successful or incorrect petition to a certain answerpage (e.g. „Your subscription was successful“). Leave those fields empty, when standard answer-pages of MAILINGWORK should be used. If you want to use your own answer-pages, enter the urls of those pages in the certain fields. Alternatively 'MAILINGWORK' offers the creation of dialog-pages in style of your corporate design.

Please note: Test your optin setup before dispatching!