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FTP subscriberimport

You can import your subscribers through a ftp connection. Click button 'create' to set a new import. Now you can enter a name and a description of your import in 'basic settings'.
Enter the host-address of your computer network, the corresponding port, user name and password in tab 'connection'.

Now set you settings for import in tab 'import file'. Enter the entire path of your csv-file in field 'file name'. Then enter character set, seperator and the enclosing sign like regular import without ftp.
Match the fields of your subscribers with fields of MAILINGWORK in tab 'field mapping'.

Now you have to set 'import settings' like subscriber(/target) list, field of identification and fields for updating. Read more here: 2.6.

You can determine a start-date for import transaction in tab 'timing'. Enter an end-date to determine a point of time for latest practicable date of transaction. Furthermore you can enter a repeat point of time for your import, e.g. 'weekly'.

By the help of field 'status' you can add an already active import to the already indicated points of time. Click 'save' to save your settings.