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Dispatch of dialog and campaign emails automatically takes place when they are activated. Following delivery settings, therefore, only refer to standard emails.

Choose a 'Sending date'. This can be an 'Immediate Dispatch' or a 'Time-Controlled Dispatch'. With the latter, you have to determine a specific date and time.

You can determine the recipients of your email by selecting one or more 'Subscriber Lists'. If you want to make further restrictions in the subscriber lists, choose a 'target group'.

If you want to split the mailing, activate 'Deliver Throttling'. This function is particularly advantageous if you want to send the mailing to many recipients and it includes images as well as links. By splitting the mailing, you make sure that your servers are not strained with high numbers of access in a short period of time. If you want to throttle the dispatch speed, you can determine a number of how many emails will be sent in an hour or a day.

Having finished, click 'Save' and, finally, 'Ready for Sending'. Thereupon, you will get a short summary of your mailing's dispatch settings and can finally start the dispatch via 'Send Now'. If you decide to make more changes, just click 'No' at this point.