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Image personalization

Click Extras → Image personalization and you will reach the parts 'image generation' and 'motive overview'.

By personalizing of images, your e-mail newsletters and postcard mailings become more successful. Direct addressing your subsciber in an image solicits highest attention and provides the determining plus of individuality.
You can use this innovative direct-marketing technology with MAILINGWORK first-hand. MAILINGWORK integrates a personalized image into every mailing or postcard, where every image receives an individual text.
There are a variety of motives available, which appeals amazingly realistic after image personalization. Photographed just like in real life.

You can choose one of our atmospheric motives of image personalization from our database. We would also create your individual motive, if you wish. We will create your favorite motive appropriate to your mailing (in wanted [pixel] size) into your account. After

Important at this:
To ensure that the individual images are displayed for each subscriber immediately upon delivery, you have to generate the images before dispatching. This process could take any hours addicted to the number of your subscibers.
It is significant, that you've uploaded the correct and entire subscribers before generating your images!
In case of adding subscribers later, those images will be generated 'on-the-fly'. This means that those images will be generated during reading the mailing. This could take one or two seconds longer than prior generated images.