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Everything about the evaluation of your sent mails, postcards and SMS can be found under the menu point 'statistics'.
This is divided into the following areas: e-mail, postcard and SMS to, mailing comparison, subscribers, sendings (card, e-mail and SMS mailings) and extras (survey stytistics).

In the area e-mail, postcard and SMS you find the most important figures of your sent mails.

The mailing comparison allows you to compare your sent mails to different criteria. In the sub-point 'subscribers' you can see the numerical evolution of the subscribers in all lists.

The menu point 'sendings' you can seeĀ sent mails, postcard and sent sms, show the generated traffic and the total number of subscribers of all lists.
This is done in the form of monthly summaries and daily and hourly summaries. There is also an indication of the distribution as it turned out every single day and every hour.

In Extras and survey statistics shows the analysis of your survey.