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Image generation

Create your motive through 'image generation' -> 'create'. Enter a name and an optional description to your image generation. Click 'OK' to save your settings.

You should to the follwoing:

Choose your 'subscriber list' and perhaps a target-group below 'basic settings'. This means: all subscribers, whose should receive the mailing with that motive.
Enter your text which should be personalized at the bottom. It is important to enter an unpersonalized text, which is displayed in case of an empty subscriber field (e.g. Empty field of 'address' or 'second name').  

After fixing your settings, you can include your motive in 'e-mail office' through input assistance into your mailing.

Click tab 'test' or 'Preview' to look at your motive. Now you can switch back to 'Image generation'.

Draw up a test subscriber in tab 'test' -> 'preview', with whom you want to test your personalizing text. After testing your motive through a 'test sending' or just in the mailing, you can switch back to 'image generation'. Through tab 'Progress' you can start your image generation with a click on 'Start generation'.

Please notice, that generation has to be finished before mail-order. This process could take any hours independent of subscriber-number.