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Optout setup

Optout setups allow your subscribers to unsubscribe automatically from your subscriberlist.

Please note: Requirement of functionality is to create dialog-mailings (according to module-selection) for optout confirmation or farewell. They need to be 'activated'. Otherwise this mailings will be missed in list box while adaption of your potout setup.

For an esier start 'MAILINGWORK' gots a „Demo optout setup“ for you.

Created optout setups can be 'opend' afterwards for editing, 'moving' to another folder or 'deleting'. If you have moved an opout setup into another folder, click 'open folder' to get into.

Create new optout setup


Enter a name and an optional description. Choose the 'mode' (important). The following modes are supported by 'MAILINGWORK':

Double-optout with confirmation e-mail: after unsubscribe from your website or your newsletter a confirmation email will be send automatically. Optout will be activated after clicking the confirmation link in this email. After successful unsubscription the former subscriber will get a last email („You unsubscribed successfully of our newsletter.“)

Double Optout: Like described before, but without sending of a „successful unsubscription“ e-mail

Confirmed Opt-Out (recommended): After unsubsubscription on your website or in your newsletter a „successful unsubscription“ email will be sended immediately.

Single Optout: No e-mails will be send. There just will be a message in your browser, that optout was successfull.

According to the mode you've choosed, you have to adapt different sub-options.

In Tab 'advanced settings' you can deposit your e-mail address in field 'e-mail forwarding', to be informed about unsubscriptions.
You can also determine an 'http forwarding'. The registered information will be send up to the entered url. For this 'MAILINGWORK' uses the post-method to deliver the information from client to server. Data format is field [<feldid>]=<feldwert>, list[<listenid>]=<0 oder 1>, id=<abonnentenid>. Furthermore you can let post all unsubscriptions into your blacklist.

Tab 'subscriberlists': Choose your favorite subscriberlist(s), where all unsubscriptions should be logged out.

Select the subscriberfields, which should be filled out by your subscribers in tab 'Form'. After clicking 'create form fields' a popup appears, where you can  choose and add subscriber fields to your form. Click 'sort formular fields'  to arrange your fields. Click 'test form' to open a new tab in your browser with a preview of your form.

Source Code of your website is genereated by 'MAILINGWORK' by clicking 'Formular soruce code'. A popup appears with your source code.

Last tab: Dialog pages

Short explanation: After successfully or faulty input your subscriber will be leaded to an appropriate answer-page, e.g. with a shortly message like „Your subscription was successfull“.

Don't fill out those fields if you want to use the 'MAILINGWORK' standart-dialog-pages. If you want to display your own dialog-pages, enter the urls of your websites in the certain fields.
Company 'Mailingwork' also offers creating your dialog-pages in your corporate design.