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E-Mail: Interests

On the 'Interests' tab you can assign each link of your mailing to a previously created Interest.

If the subscriber clicks on such a link, the assigned interest of the subscriber is increased by the set value and can later be evaluated by 'Target groups'.

Once you have finished editing your mailing, insert all tracked links of your mailing on the interests tab. There are two ways to do this:

  • Replace links: Replaces the links of the 'Interests' tab with those of the current mailing. This means that links no longer contained in the mailing will be removed.
  • Add links: Retains older links from previous processing statuses of the mailing and adds new or changed links to the current mailing. This is useful, for example, if you send a campaign mailing to new subscribers over a longer period of time and change the links in the mailing content from time to time. In this way, all the links of interest in the mailing statistics are completely retained.

Interessen aktualisieren

If you have already assigned your previously created interests to a "link pattern", you can automatically assign links contained in the mailing to your interests using the 'Automatic link assignment' function.

Interessen zuordnen

Under 'Score' you then assign a value which is credited to the subscriber by clicking on the link in the newsletter.

Interessen zuordnen

The system automatically sets 1 score point per link when assigning the links. Of course you can change this setting at any time. If an interest is to be rated higher than others, assign more points to it. Depending on when he clicks (in the period you specify), the more or less points he receives.


Beispiel Wertigkeitsverlauf für Interesse

In the next mailings, the order of your content associated with an interest will be based on the number of points of interest. Contents with a high score are displayed above those that have a lower score or are not of interest.

Thus each newsletter is adapted automatically and individually to the interests of each subscriber.

Anzeigebedingungen für Interessen


If you use a template, then you can decide in each follow-up mailing whether an article should be fixed at the intended position in the e-mail or whether it should be sorted according to the interests of the recipients.

To do this, select the 'Interests' tab in the content. You can now set the interest of the subscriber at which the content is to be sorted.