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Subscribers - statistic

For each of your subscriber lists MAILINGWORK tracks, how many subscribers are registered, how many optin and optouts have been done and how these figures are spreaded. Over the buttons 'course months' or 'spreading' you can recall detail information about the development of  numbers of subscribers.

Course months

Once the presentation of information is done in tabular form. Among them are two diagrams that illustrate the data collected.

With the butons 'earlier' or 'later' you navigate thorugh past months and years (depends on the period of your MAILINGWORK contract).

'Course months' lists, how the numbers of subscribers have developed in the last months. Again you will find two diagrams which screen the development of the total numbers of subscribers and the numbers of optin and optouts.
Through clicking 'course days' you get an exact list, how developed the numbers of subscribers daily. At last you can watch the hourly development in table- and diagram-form.


Here you can see the statistical spreading for all days and hours. The presentation of information is done in table- and diagram-form. So you are able to find out on which days and on what time the subscribers open your mailing. Thus you can optimize the send-time of future newsletters.